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Sock It To Summer 2014

This summer I have decided to participate in “Sock It To Summer” (Sits). Sits is where you knit as many completed pairs of socks between June 1 and August 31. That’s three months to focus on socks. Socks are such great, wonderful little projects that when it was suggested of at Knot A Podcast I jumped.

You can find the official thread over at the Knot A Podcast Ravelry group. There’s two threads. The thread where you post only your finished projects and then the chatter thread. Also, if you don’t listen to the Knot A Podcast podcast, you totally should. She’s great.

As for the socks I’m going to be working on? Well, I have plans for a couple of projects. But I have two pairs that are on the needles that I’m throwing in the ring. You’re allowed to work on already existing projects if they’re less than 75% compete. Well, since neither of these projects is that far along, I’m going to be throwing them into the pool.

The first are my Mottled Egg socks.


These have been on the needles since February and I’ve only just turned the heel on the first sock! I need to get a move on!

The other pair isn’t actually a pattern per se, but I am going to be using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel.


They’re only a toe, and that toe has been on the needles for a while but those are the two pairs I’m going to be focusing on. If I manage to finish both pairs of socks before the end of August, I’m going to try to knit one of the many other sock patterns I’ve been dying to knit.

This should be fun!


2 thoughts on “Sock It To Summer 2014

  1. Thanks for the link. Definitely worth checking out. Right now I have three pairs of socks I cold finish up.

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