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FO: Hitchhike the Stars


It’s done! It turned out wonderful. And it’s been delivered to the people that commissioned it.

I had a blast knitting Hitchhike the Stars. The Hitchhiker pattern is easy to memorize and I only needed the pattern for casting on, the first few repeats until I got it down and then the end. I love how it came out. The yarn is Aesir by A Hundred Ravens in the Starry Night colorway (hence the name of the project).

I’m already planning to knit myself a Hitchhiker, but I’m going to hold off for a little while. I have 9 WIPs right now and i kinda need to cut down on that number before I start anything else again.

For now I’m going to focus on two projects. Both easily portable and should be done soon. After that I think I’ll focus back on the socks I have going. I am still doing Sock it to Summer, and that means I need to knit some socks!

Stay tuned for more frequent updates. I’m going to work on improving the amount of blogging (I completely missed last week, even though I finished the Hitchhiker, can you believe that?).


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