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Happy Summer!

Well, summer officially started on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day and I actually spent the afternoon outside.

Saturday (and also this past week) was also “World Wide Knit In Public Day”. My LYS got a group of us together and we sat outside the shop on Main Street and enjoyed the weather. I will freely admit that wearing a black shirt wasn’t the smartest idea I’ve had recently, but it was still a great time.


Photo of me casting on a sock courtesy of Patricial McMullen who has her own blog you can follow here.

Said cast on later became 14 rows of ribbing and the start of the second sock of my Mottled Eggs pair.


I also took a big group photo (minus myself of course).


It was a great day, and I have one finished sock to show for it!


Then, today in the mail, my copy of Botanical Knits 2 came! I loved the first one, and I love the second one as well. And because I pre-ordered, I got a bonus pattern and a bookmark. 🙂

With bonus cat.

I’m hoping to finish the second of my Mottled Eggs sock soon, and then move on to the second pair I have on the needles. Now that I knit the pattern once though it should go quicker the second time. I’ve noticed that. Because now I know exactly what to expect and what I need to do. For me at least (as long as I cast it on right away) seems to go a lot quicker than the first.

Happy summer everyone!

Comments welcome! :)

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