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WendyKnits – Summer MKAL

WARNING: This is a spoiler post for the first clue of the shawl. If you don’t want what the first clue looks like spoiled, you may want to skip the second part of this blog post.

On Saturday (12, July), the blogger and designer Wendy released the first clue of her annual summer mystery knit a long.

Ironically enough, I had a hand of the exact yarn she used for her test of the fingering weight version of the shawl in my stash. Thus I am using the yarn Shalimar Breathless in the “Blueberry” colorway for the shawl. The yarn is a 75/15/10, Merino/Cashmere/Silk blend. It feels wonderful in my hands. I’ve gone up one needle size from a US3 (3.25mm) to a US4 (3.5mm) to compensate for how tightly I knit.


Isn’t it pretty?


I ended up winding the yarn by hand because I wasn’t home when I went to wind it and I didn’t have my swift and winder with me. I hadn’t done that in a while. I’ve been spoiled by the swift/winder combo. I then proceeded to use a plastic container as a yarn bowl because I didn’t have one with me. Actually, I don’t own one of those really nice yarn bowls. I just tend to use whatever’s around (including regular bowls, plastic containers, and cardboard boxes).

Now, for the spoiler, so again WARNING: if you don’t wanted the first clue spoiled, skip the rest of this post.


And there it is. “Part One – Increase Section” is complete. I probably would have gotten it done yesterday, but I wasn’t really focusing on it. I’m already itching to start the next clue but it doesn’t come out until Saturday (19 July), and the final clue on 26, July.

Of course, as soon as I finished that clue this morning I reorganized and moved my knitting books. They have now moved from one of my bookshelves (of which there are 4) in my room, to one of the two shelves on my desk (also in my room).


From left to right, binder for all of the individual patterns I’ve printed out over time, magazines, and then finally all the books. Some of the books come from my grandmother (like “The Family Knitting Book” which is the big green one, it has a copyright of 1971). I also have a bunch of pamphlets of knitting patterns from the 50s to the 70s that my grandmother also gave me on the other shelf of my desk. I’m missing a couple that have gone elsewhere in the house and I need to put them on the shelf, but for now that’s just about everything I have. Some of my magazines have gone AWOL as well, so hopefully I’ll find those sooner or later.

Now back to knitting socks. 😀


Comments welcome! :)

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