So, tonight’s blog post was originally going to be about how I’m working on a baby blanket for my cousins. And that I’m writing the crochet pattern myself. And then, it was going to be about how I GOT A JOB! And all of the jazz around that.

But then I heard that Robin Williams committed suicide.

The movies and comedy he did were a huge part of my childhood. Aladdin (though I don’t actually like that movie), Flubber, Mrs. Doubtfire, Peter Pan, Jumanji, Dead Poets Society, those are the movies that shaped us 90s kids. I was shocked to hear about his death. He’s only slightly older than my parents and it was just a huge surprise. Depression is a horrible thing. We’ll know the details in the coming days and weeks and we can only remember a person who brought so much joy to others, all the while fighting his own demons.

PS:Yes, IΒ did get a job today! I got hired to start on Monday. More about that and the blanket later this week.


2 thoughts on “News

  1. it is so sad that he could think of no other way tyo get through this.

    but, it is super good news that you got a job! that is how life goes – up and down, all at once,

    1. I was so shocked to hear the news last night. And I was on my way to dinner with my boyfriend to celebrate my new job too.

      You’re right, life is both ups and downs!

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