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And So It Ends

No, not the blog. But my unemployment.

As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I was hired for my first post-graduation job. Thus, this is my last weekend of “freedom”. Honestly, I’m not going to miss having that much time on my hands. Yes, I got an awful lot of knitting done, but I was beginning to go a litter stir crazy. I’m the kind of person who needs structure in my life and having a job will provide that.

That being said, my days of going to the Tuesday knit group, and going to my LYS’s Friday group three hours early, are over. I said my goodbye’s this week, and I went to my LYS 3 hours early and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Don’t worry, I’m still going to be crating! I’m excited for Monday, but also nervous. I’m going to have to wear a few different hats for this position, and I’m hoping to get a handle on things pretty quickly.

As for my weekend goals, well, my mom and I are going to lunch tomorrow to celebrate the fact that I got hired, and I’m planning to finish a sock that I’ve had on the needles for what seems like forever., and to work on that baby blanket that I mentioned last post. Beyond that, I’m going to enjoy myself and relax.

Here’s to hoping that everything goes well! And I hope everyone has a good weekend. 🙂


4 thoughts on “And So It Ends

  1. Congratulations on your job! I will definitely miss you on Tuesdays, and am glad you can still come on Fridays. I’d like to hear all about your job! And knitting, too, of course :).

  2. You’re starting a new adventure! You’re well-prepared and will be SO good at your new job ……….. kick butt and keep on knitting! Love and hugs.

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