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Two Weeks and a Weekend

Well, it’s been two week at my job. The second week went a lot better than the first one, though I still need to improve a lot. Having never worked in an office before, learning how things work isn’t as easy as I had hoped it would be. This coming week is a short one (due to the long weekend) but I’m ever hopeful that it’ll be better. At least I really like my coworkers!

I’m planning to enjoy my Monday off (happy Labor Day!) by watching the Mythbusters marathon on Science Channel and knitting/crocheting. I do have to pop out for a little bit because I need to pick up more yarn for the baby blanket I have in progress, but other than that, I’m planning to relax.

One last bit of “non-crafting stuff”. I got convinced by my boyfriend and our friends to make a character and give a D&D 5th edition campaign a shot. It’ll certainly be interesting! And yes, I’m a total nerd if that wasn’t obvious before this.

Speaking of crafting….

Those socks that I’d had on the needles since March? They’re done! As of Saturday morning at least.


They are my second and final pair for Sock It To Summer 2014 (sits2014) and I’m just happy to have them done. I had to knit the second sock twice after all!.

With that project done, I’m down to 5. 1 crochet, 4 knit projects on the go. 

The crochet project, which is what I’m focusing on right now, is the baby blanket for my cousins who, after Friday, could have their baby on hand at any moment. My goal is thus: Finish the blanket by the weekend.


Right now, that right there is the halfway mark. As you can see from the tiny balls above, a) the skeins were different sizes; b) there wasn’t nearly enough for the whole blanket; and c) that’s why I’m going to go buy yarn today. I need one more skein of each color and the blanket will be done. Hopefully, I can churn out half a blanket this coming week! Crochet is certainly quicker than knitting so I’m thinking, even with work, if I really buckle down, I’ll be able to get it done.

One last thing. I was given a project bag by my LYS as a “congratulations” on the job thing (all the ladies there have been cheering for me to find a job / finish school, they’re great). The blanket actually fits quite nicely in it, and I got to choose the fabric. I’m quite fond of the foxes. 😀

20140901_110219 20140901_110253


Comments welcome! :)

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