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230,000 and 26

You probably think these numbers have nothing in common. And other than both of them occurring today, you’d be right.

This evening on my way home, my car his 230,000 miles. I, being the dork I am, immediately pulled into the next available parking lot and took a picture of my odometer.


As you can see, yes, the car was actually in park when I took the picture. For reference, I drive a maroon 1997 Toyota Camry LE. We bought it with just over 162k on it, so I’ve done a good bit of driving the last seven years I’ve owned the car. A lot of it was while I was at UML. Commuting really puts the miles on.

Now what does 26 have to do with all of this? Why it’s the number of neck repeats I’ve gotten done on my Rockefeller in Hufflepuff.

Snapshot_20149082147 (3)

It’s actually rather hard to take a picture of curved knitting a) with a webcam and b) with a cat in the way. Of course, the colors are a little messed up due to the horrible lighting in my bedroom, but progress is doing quite smoothly on it. Probably because I’ve made a Rockefeller before, if you remember back to last summer. This has been lunch break and evening knitting as there’s no knitting on the job allowed!

Now that things are starting to cool off (70F days instead of 80 or 90F days) I’m itching to cast on something new. I’ve been good though! I haven’t cast anything on. Though I will say that I entered this new Rockefeller into the “Fall into Shawls 2014” even being hosted on the “Knot A Podcast” Ravelry group.

Here’s to hoping everyone enjoys their week!


2 thoughts on “230,000 and 26

    1. I hope it’s only halfway through! Though it might not make it another 230k due to rust!

      I’m almost done that first section of the Rokefeller. I’ve only got a few more rows before I start on the second part. 🙂

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