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Infinite Triplicate Part 1

So I’m working on this pattern, Infinite Triplicate. I’m doing my best to knit it by the end of next week and it’s to help out a friend. Seriously, you should go get the pattern (no I don’t get a kick back on purchases).


I finished the first chart (of two) and I’m now working on a big swath of stockinette. The good part it’s a cowl and it’s in the round so it’s going really nicely. Let’s see how it turns out in the end!

In other news, I went to King Richard’s Faire on Saturday and it was a ton of fun. Big cats, acrobats, whip tricks, and a joust to the death are always fun.









That’s just a taste of it, but it’s always a good time!


2 thoughts on “Infinite Triplicate Part 1

  1. Looks like you had an awesome time at the Faire! I don’t know that I’ll be able to make it there this year, but I have enjoyed being there whenever I’ve had the opportunity to go.

    Your cowl is looking wonderful! I got halfway through the first chart when I realized I had made a rather serious error and swapped the color positioning from the outset. Had to rip everything back Sunday, but I got it sorted out and now I’m doing it right.

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