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New Month, New Goals

Well, it’s officially October. Time to cast on socks, finish shawls, resist casting on that big cables sweater that’s been in the queue for ages… or maybe that’s just me. ūüôā

October makes me think of a lot of things. Crisp cool air, fire places, beautiful foliage, warm blankets, mulled cider, warm sugar cookies, fresh pumpkin pie, fall fairs, bundling up on cool mornings, boots, and scarves, and warm squishy sweaters.

Fall (in general), and the months of October and November (specifically) are, officially, my favorite time of year.

Of course, this time of year isn’t perfect. For a majority of the time, here in New England, you need to dress for at least 3 different climates in any one day. Arctic mornings, Tropical (or at least moderate) afternoons, and cool (but not arctic) evenings. And people wonder why we have closets full of different kinds of coats. We’re not being stylish, we’re being practical!

While today wasn’t the¬†best¬†start to October (it was rainy and cool), you could still see the color on the leaves


They’re¬†just starting to turn outside my boyfriends apartment.

On the knitting front, I’ve ALMOST finished my¬†Infinite Triplicate cowl that I’ve been working on. All I need is a tapestry/darning needle to finish it off. Only problem? I don’t have one with me. This is going to be what I finish when I get home, sewing it up!


And because this is¬†Socktober and I’m a follower of the¬†Stitch Addiction¬†Podcast and I’m a tad bit crazy, I cast on for socks today


Okay, so it’s just the tip of the toe, but still, I DID start them today, and I’m planning on finishing at least the toe before bed.


As for the new goals I mentioned, well… I’m back to looking for work. The place where I started at wasn’t a good fit and so my last day was this past Friday. It came as a surprise to me, but I understand the reasons and there’s no hard feelings involved.

Now to get back on the wagon and start looking again!

Happy Wednesday, and a happy October to everyone!


4 thoughts on “New Month, New Goals

  1. I love your projects, and I feel the same way about October! Thanks for such a beautiful description. Also, I won’t wonder any more why I can never seem to get it right, what to bring/wear on any given day, and feel comfortable the whole day . . . layers, maybe, and time to pull out the scarves and such for the cooler times.

    1. Thank you!

      Granted, this October isn’t off to the best of starts, but it’s a great excuse to layer. Layering (and using my car as storage for cast of layers when I’m out) is how I make it through the season myself.

  2. Loved the comment about why we in New England have so many coats – I know I do, and I use them all, at some point, during the year. Same with sweaters of differing weights and hats, scarves, etc.

    Sorry to hear about the job, but glad you are able to be philosophical about it. I wish you luck in the search.

    1. I love layering and the coat rack by the door is always over-flowing with coats.

      Thank you, I think I’m going to need plenty of luck for the job search. I’m just hoping I get another one quickly!

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