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Stitches East Day 0 Review

Yes, you read that right, “Day 0”. I call it that because yesterday was a setup day for vendors and there was a preview period the market place was open last night for shopping.

After having been picked up at quarter past six in the morning Kate and I began the drive south.


We had a gorgeous shot of the moon setting as we headed down through Mass.

Upon arrival we go to do something that I’d never done before. Drive into a building.


I got a huge kick out of it. But maybe all that really proves is that I’m 4 years old on the inside. Because, really, we got to DRIVE inside a BUILDING. I mean, c’mon!

Anyways, we parked and unloaded the car.


And began the setup. I kinda stopped taking pictures for a little bit because I got rather busy for a good chunk of the day but I did take some action shots when the moment presented itself. Take a look!





But we were all ready come 5pm when the market preview opened!




If you’re going to be at Stitches come and see us! Booth #400!

In other news, I was up way to late last night, and if you can tell from the time stamp on this blog post, I’m up way to early this morning. I woke up before 5am, tossed and turned for a about an hour and then gave up. Let’s see how running on 5 hours of sleep goes today!

The plan for the day is, I’m going to be wandering the market as a moving billboard for the shop since practically, we can’t all be in the booth.. It’ll also be nice to get a good look at what’s there. And I saw some rather appropriate buttons (and maybe a bumper sticker or two) that I have my eye on for accessorizing. 😉

I’m planning to take some pictures of the entire market (a big panoramic shot) so you can appreciate the view. Can you believe we’re right next to WEBS? Holy crap, talk about exposure!

Enjoy your Friday because I know I will!


One thought on “Stitches East Day 0 Review

  1. I wanna be there. It looks so wonderful! Keep your eye open for a jeweler named Cara Romano who does amazing things with felt balls… she is from Maine, and someone I have worked with for a long time – very creative. I have to ask though, how can you go to a show like that and notspend every dime you will ever earn? So many temptations!

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