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Stitches East Day 1 Review

Day 1 went well. I think I’m getting better at selling the yarn. I made a few mistakes, but who doesn’t when they’re learning how to do anything?

In the morning we organized and labelled more yarn.



Then we were off to the convention center and restocking the booth.

We had so many people for the booth that I decided to go walk the floor wearing one of the samples and acting as a walking billboard.


After a few hours of that, it was back to the booth.


I did at one point take a walk around the convention center. The center is right next to the Science Center in Hartford which is really cool.



Overall it was a great day!

We did end up changing hotels because the place where we had been was horrible, but we’re now quite comfortable. I had a great nights sleep.

We’re about to go crazy and get ready for day 2! Wish us luck!

Comments welcome! :)

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