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Stitches East Day 2 Review

Yesterday was fun in a “holy crap I’m tired but that was amazing” kind of way.

We started off in the morning with organizing yarn and making labels. We got more yarn in the afternoon but I forgot to take pictures of it. 😦



Can you believe there was already a line forming to get in when we arrived before the market opened? Some people are dedicated, wow!


I used all the buttons I’d gotten the day before and blinged out the apron I was wearing while working the register.


There was a new sign for some of our pretty yarn:


And then the day was over. I was so surprised that it went as fast as it did. I think I don’t realize how long the day was because I was enjoying myself so immensely Though I will say, I think my poor feet are quite aware of how long the day was.

Did you know there’s a dinosaur on the roof of the science center? I saw it as we were going to dinner! It’s so cool.


This morning we gotta pack ourselves up and get out of the hotel room. The markets open 10-4 then we have to pack up all the yarn and break down the displays before driving home. It’s going to be quite the day!


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