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Florida and Yarn Tourism

As of about 2pm yesterday afternoon, I’ve been in Florida. It’s great to get away and visit family but also to just hang out with everyone I know down here and just relax. I’m here until next Thursday (the 23rd) and I’m flying home on that day. Hopefully the trip home is better than the trip down!

The trip yesterday was horrible. I had a stopover in Baltimore and I was there for an hour longer than planned and then it took twice as long as it should have to get from Baltimore to Ft. Lauderdale. And all because of hurricane Gonzolo. Fun times.
Now for the yarn tourism part… I love my local store. I really truly do. There’s a great community, great people, great yarn choice, helpful people always around, I’ve made a ton of friends… (and no, they didn’t pay me to say any of that), but I’m in Florida and I’ve never been to a yarn shop down here. I know they exist but I’ve never been to one. So tomorrow afternoon, after lunch, we’re heading to a store that’s about 15 minutes from my aunts house to have a gander. I’ll let you know if there’s anything interesting!
For now though, knitting!
I worked on a sock that I had started on Tuesday. Got an inch or so done. The yarn is White Birch Fiber Arts in the “Nothing Says Screw You Like A Rainbow” colorway. It’s an 80/10/10 merino/cashmere/nylon blend that’s just lovely.
I’ve also been chugging away at a Honey Cowl I have on the needles.


It’s coming along nicely and it should be done fairly quickly. 🙂
As for other Florida things… there was a lovely sunset last night.
Look at those colors! My camera didn’t do it justice at all.
But I’m planning to enjoy my time here and knit up a storm while relaxing.
PS: There’s a little lizard in my room! I’m not too worried about him, he’ll eat any spiders that come around, so he’s totally cool.
PPS: Please excuse the formatting issues. WordPress is being a poopy-head tonight. 😦

One thought on “Florida and Yarn Tourism

  1. Relaxing and knitting and visiting people you love, and beautiful sunsets . . . it can’t get much better than that! Have a great time, and see you when you get back. And see you here on your blog, in the meantime, with pictures :).

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