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FO and a Quandary

FO first!

My rainbow socks are done!


Not the best photo ever but they’re finally finished. These means, that though there’s still one day left in October, Socktober is over for me. I can’t knit a pair of socks in a day after all! These were a blast to knit. I actually went back an extended the first sock because it didn’t come high enough up my leg for my taste, but they’re done, they’ve been submitted to the contest that I was planning to submit them to and all’s well that ends well.

I do think I’m going to take a break from socks for a while. I did socks over the summer (Sock It To Summer), and I did 2 pairs of socks this month. Time for a break from socks. 🙂 I will say though, these were lovely, the yarn was wonderful and the colors are bright and cheerful and overall I’m quite happy with them.


Now for the quandary.

I’m back to working on my Rockefeller shawl and I want to add a 5th stripe (it’s designed for 4), but I don’t think there’s enough room width-wise. To do a 5th stripe, I would have to add 33 stitches to increase the stripe length. The problem is that I would be left with one non-stripe stitch left between the two stripes on that row. I’ve seen people do a solid stripe all the way across instead but I’m not sure I want that.

So do I increase the stripes less (thus possibly having them look odd), or do I do one all the way across? Or do I even do the one stitch in between? I’m not sure…

Anyone have any ideas?

PS: Here’s the state of the Rockefeller right now:



5 thoughts on “FO and a Quandary

  1. I love those socks! 🙂

    I’m on a sock break as well. Did several pairs recently and just ready for something different… As my rose and gray socks languish in the knitting bag. *sigh*

    1. Thank you! I love them too. 🙂

      At least socks are the kind of project you can pick up and put down easily, unlike some other things I’ve left languishing in their bag *cough* Granny Cheynne Shawl *cough*

        1. That’s a gorgeous sweater! I kinda want one now, but in cardigan form…

          I will say this, Granny Cheyne is back in rotation ass soon as I finish my Hufflepuff Rockefeller. 🙂

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