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First Snow

Today, was, in fact, the first day we had snow here where I live. Other parts of the state, and of New England, have had snow before today, but this was the first day we got snow where I live.


As for other things go on…

I’m still searching for a job (had some interviews but nothing panned out), but I’m eternally hopeful!

On the knitting front… well, there’s been less knitting and more weaving.

I had my actual weaving class on my birthday and this scarf:



Was the result. The pattern is called ‘houndstooth’. Don’t ask me where the name comes from, I have NO idea!

I’ve been working on the stripes of my Rockefeller, but they are officially “the stripes that never end” now and it’s going to take me a long time to work my way through them.

This past weekend, Kate of A Hundred Ravens had an open studio. She had all of her yarn out and available to buy, but I also got to chat with people, some who I knew and some who I didn’t know. I had a blast though and I even got a custom dyed hank!


It’s based off of the wing of a Monarch Butterfly and I love it. It isn’t Halloween-y at all! Kate actually did two skeins but she kept one. I’m thinking a Sockhead Hat would be the perfect project for this so that it would show off the colors nicely and still be practical, and I do love the sockhead hat that I have already…

As for weaving, well I just got another scarf going. The warp is a night light gray, and the weft is going to be striped thusly:


The yarn is, again, from Kate at A Hundred Ravens. The gray is called Mithlond and the mini-skeins is her Doctor Who mini set. I can’t wait to see how the stripes turn out!


5 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Oh, how fun! The next time there is an event like that at A Hundred Ravens, I would LOVE to go with you! Your Houndstooth scarf looks amazing. I can’t wait to learn all of these things for myself! I continually wish you the best regarding a job. Something will come. You’re a very talented girl, with amazing skills. As for the snow, I have found it funny that the first storm is not a festive flurry to welcome in winter, but much more than that. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I’ll be sure to let you know the next time something comes up!

      I’m always hopeful about the job.

      And I didn’t have to deal with the snow so I’m quite happy with my day overall. 🙂

  2. Pretty! While we’re also in New England, we’re obvious further north than you because this was our third storm already (but we didn’t lose power this time, yay!) and we ended up with a foot or better last night. Not sure if that was a yay or not. 😉

    Stay warm!

    1. I’m in southern NH (right on the Mass line).

      Never did loose power (which is a good thing!), and I had a nice warm Thanksgiving dinner with my boyfriend, my mom, and my bf’s mom and step-dad.

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