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Planning Ahead

I follow quite a few (read a lot) of blogs and podcasts, all about knitting or crafting in general. There’s also a few about science, various comics, and the rather incongruous makeup blog or two. Two blogs/podcasts (Sew Knitpicky and Hello Knitty), have done an interesting thing this year. A personal sock club. Before the beginning of the year, the prepared 12 (opaque) bags with 12 skeins of yarn and assorted goodies, and then they (or their children) choose a bag at random on the first of every month. Then, they knit the yarn into a pair of socks over the course of the month.

This seemed like a really good idea. It’s a way to use up stash yarn, challenge yourself (if you’re not sure you can do a pair of socks a month), but also a way to surprise yourself quite nicely. Like opening a gift every month.

So, in the spirit of stash diving, I spend a chunk of the afternoon going though said stash and choosing 12 hanks (or in one case a pair of skeins) of yarn. I got some brown paper bags, and in the yarn went. Actually, it’s a credit to how small my stash is (gasp!) that I had to struggle to find 12 skeins that weren’t already assigned to projects in my queue.


As you can see, there’s only 9 bags there. I currently don’t have access to all of my stash and the last three skeins are in a different location from me at the moment. I’m thinking of trying to have my boyfriend humor me and get him to pick a bag at random every month, that way I really don’t know what I’m getting.

Two of the skeins have actual patterns attached, the rest I’m going to do the vanilla sock that I’ve developed for myself.

This all seems perfectly reasonable of course. We’ll see when we’re a couple months into 2015!

In other news, both my Rockefeller and my Dr. Who Mini Skein Scarf are coming along.


As you can see, I have quite a ways to go on the Rockefeller (about 40 more stripes – not rows, stripes) on that wing and then onto the other wing, THEN I’ll be done. I’m happy about switching the decreases to the outer edge, but gosh if that 5th stripe didn’t add a crap ton of stitches for me to decrease.


The stripes are interesting on the scarf. I think it works (partially because the warp is a very neutral color) but we’ll have to see! It’s an experiment. 😀

I also have a finished object for you folks (it’s certainly been long enough!).



It’s a charity hat, being donated through my synagogue for Israeli soldiers. I’m sorry the picture of me wearing isn’t that good by it’s late at night and my webcam doesn’t like the low lighting. This is going to be heading to Israel with a member of my congregation around Christmas. I could have finished this ages ago, but after I cast on I let it sit around for nearly 3 weeks before doing anything with it. A push tonight had me finishing it.

I think that’s all for this post!

To those of my fellow New Englanders who lost power, stay warm. To the rest of America, enjoy your continued food coma’s from Thanksgiving leftovers, and to the rest of the world, have a good weekend! I know that my knits will be coming in handy again. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Planning Ahead

  1. Your post today is full of ideas and projects for me to do, too–first follow those two blogs/podcasts. Also write my own blog, so it will be worth following! And that’s a really fun idea for the socks. I know you’ve mentioned your own plain vanilla sock pattern before. I’d like to talk to you more about that, maybe borrow it, or come up with my own. Then there’s Rockafeller–make one (yours is beautiful!), and weaving–learn how and make stuff! And the hat–I have two hat charities that I need to do something about. With all of this snow, it’s a good time to knit, and stay warm and cozy (which my house is, as long as the generator is running!) See you soon!

    1. Glad I could be an inspiration! I really do enjoy those podcasts, they’re really good.

      As for the sock pattern, I’d be happy to tell you what I do, but the numbers (stitch count, needle, etc) would probably be different simply because of how tightly I knit. I’m happy to explain it to you though!

      I hope your power comes back soon! I’m lucky enough to not have lost it at all. Make sure to stay warm!

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