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Baking and Improvising*

*Not at the same time. I know better than to mess with time tested recipes! πŸ˜€

Sunday and Monday I spend baking pizzelle and my families anise cookie recipe.

The results from Sunday were thus:



And then I repeated the process yesterday!




It was a very long time baking! It went quicker on Sunday with three people than just me by my lonesome yesterday. It was a long day yesterday. I started around 1pm and I finished 10 hours later. Yup, you read that right. 10 hours of baking. The results? 204 Anise Cookies and 118 pizzelle.

On the crafting front (and this is where the improvising comes in), I was hoping I wouldn’t run out of theΒ Dr. Who Mini Set but I did, so I pulled a different yarn from the same dyer and am using that to finish the scarf. It’s still going to be a present and I know that the receiver will be happy with the mismatched scarf, so I’m not worried at all! I think it’ll make it charming.


Tonight is also the last night of Hannukah. It ends tomorrow at sundown, so here’s the candle’s I lit for tonight.


Happy holiday’s everyone!

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