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Last FO of 2014

And it’s socks.


How do I know these are my last FOs of the year? Simple. There is nothing on the needles that I am capable of finishing before midnight New Years Eve. So I’m not even going to try.

Anyways, about the socks! This was some yarn I bought with a holiday 2013 gift certificate at one of my local stores.

These were a simple knit. Using the vanilla sock recipe I’ve developed after knitting enough socks. Basic toe up, fish lips kiss heel, 20 rows of 2×2 ribbing to finish it off. I kinda wish I’d made the legs a little longer, but I don’t wish it enough to rip back and go at it again. I’ll live with the slightly short socks thanks.

I hope everyone had a great Hannukah/Christmas/Festivus/Solstice/holiday/whatever. I had three days in three different places. My family, boyfriends family, then my family again for those we missed on the first go around.

I actually really enjoyed this Christmas. My family had dinner of just the immediate relatives and it’d been a few years since we’d managed that and it was great. I did bring a friend with me but I didn’t mind since they didn’t have anywhere to go otherwise.

The BF’s family was a small gather, just his mom, step-dad, and sister. Said sister gave me yarn andย At Knit’s End by the Yarn Harlot, and his mom and step-dad gave me a gift certificate to one of my local shops. His mother was actually the one that gave me the certificate that allowed me to get the yarn for the socks I just finished above. Ironic huh? Had a great time with them, though it was a late night.

And then yesterday, it was over my cousin’s house to see that portion of the family. He had a new baby that we finally got to meet which meant that I could finally give them that blanket I crocheted over the summer. Remember that blanket? Yeah, the little girl finally got her blankie.

Lastly, today I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and I had a really good time. Oh and I finished those socks of course.

There’ll definitely be one more post wrapping things up before the New Year so keep an eye out for it sometime on New Years Eve! Catch you then!


Comments welcome! :)

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