Cue Panic Mode (aka off to Hell in a Hand Basket)

You ever have one of those days? The day when everything’s going pretty good, you’ve acomplished some (maybe not all) of your goals for the day and then something goes terribly wrong?

This was one of those days.




What you see there is the ruin of my yarn stash. No, not my entire stash (I haven’t moved it all to my boyfriends yet, it’s a process) but it’s all the good stuff. The stuff I want on hand. The stuff that I would (and did) cry over when I found out its current state.

And who or what is the culprit you ask? No, it’s not moths. Though that is still the most dreaded of yarn disasters. This isn’t quite that level, but it’s uncomfortably close.


I’m sad to announce that this cutie is now WANTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST YARN. You read that right. That cat apparently decided that she wanted to use my yarn bin as a litter box.

Now, if I can keep myself from killing the cat (no I won’t actually harm her though I’m rather enraged with her at the moment), I’m going to go work on salvaging my stash. I’d hate to throw out any of it, and some of it is quite literally irreplaceable because I can’t get more (unless I’m really lucky on a Ravelry de-stash or something).

Wish me luck!


PS: She got some of my fiber too, the little devil.

5 thoughts on “Cue Panic Mode (aka off to Hell in a Hand Basket)

  1. Oh, no! Our cat did that once, but there was tissue paper on top, and I had left it on the floor (covered by the paper to protect it). I washed the yarn, and then wound it with the ball-winder, and it’s fine. I hope yours can be salvaged!

    1. I’ve already started washing it, so I hope it’s all good when it’s over and done with. I did throw out a couple of balls of really cheap acrylic yarn and one other ball that was so bad there wasn’t any saving but I think I can save the rest of it

    1. It actually is, thank goodness! I also got some special pet urine dissolving enzyme spray at the pet supply store and all the yarn is getting sprayed with that as well. It’s a long process, but I’m getting there.

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