Wrapping Up 2014

This post was ostensibly supposed to go up on New Years Eve, but well, you’ll know what happened there if you read my previous post. Damage control is still ongoing though I dealt with the absolute worst of it last night. Monetary damage is currently around $50 (a miracle) but I’m not sure I can save everything I have left. Emotional damage on the other than is still being tabulated.

I won’t put a little bow on it because it wasn’t the best of years (unemployed for all but six weeks) but it was overall a good year.

I’m heading into 2015 with new skills, some life lessons learned, and having moved out of the house (kind of).

This was the year of crafting. Being unemployed let me take on challenges that I may not have done otherwise. I participated in “Sock It To Summer” and in “Fall Into Shawls”, I learned to weave, I dabbled in cross-stitch, I even sewed a bit.

Speaking of sewing, I made an end of year purchase that I’m hoping will increase the amount of sewing I do. I have a very nice and perfectly healthy electric machine but when I’m in an antique shop and there’s an in cabinet Singer sewing machine (95% sure it’s a Model 66) that’s treadle powered, and still working, and it costs only $25, I can’t walk away.

Sorry for the crappy pic. This is the only one I took of the old girl before I dropped her off at the shop to get some much needed TLC.
Sorry for the crappy pic. This is the only one I took of the old girl before I dropped her off at the shop to get some much needed TLC.

It’s a basic machine. No reverse, no zig-zig stitches, not even a bobbin winder. But I couldn’t be happier. This is the kind of machine my grandmother learned to sew on. In fact my grandmother still has my great-grandmother’s machine (which has been converted to electric with knee control) somewhere. I like to think my great-grandma would be proud of me for getting back to basics.

Since this is ostensibly a knitting blog I suppose I should give you the rundown, huh?

I had 32 total projects completed,that includes Knitting (my main staple), crochet, and weaving. Now that doesn’t count the 5 projects that are still on the needles/hook as of the date change. I consider that a productive year. Since I was participating in the Stashdown! group on Ravelry starting in Q2, I have some rather detailed numbers for you. And I even went back and figured out Q1 as well. So get ready for some numbers!

Total yardage used: 18,403 yards = 10.4563 miles = 16.8278 kilometers
Yardage from Stash: 10,205 yards = 5.7983 miles = 9.33146 kilometers

Quarter Yardage Out – Total Yardage Out – Stash
Q1 6,033 3,719
Q2 3,082 1,363
Q3 3,319 1,065
Q4 5,969 4,058
Totals: 18,403 10,205

Those numbers mean I knit almost as much yarn straight from the shop as I did from stash! I think that’s a trend that needs to change. So does my total stash input as well!

Total yarn stashed: 22,533 yards = 12.802841 miles = 20.6041753463 kilometers

Quarter Yardage In
Q1 4,741
Q2 6,205
Q3 1,904
Q4 9,638
Total 22,533

Yeah… that number needs to go down. And that doesn’t include the fiber I got this year. 24.2 oz of fiber I added to stash. I think this means I need to start spinning more!

What also needs to be kept in mind, however, is that though I stashed a lot of yarn, that doesn’t necessarily mean I bought a lot of yarn. I received an awful lot of stash as gifts (or gift cards) or stash that I inherited. That’s something at least, right?

Lastly, my crafty goals for 2015. I’m heading into the year with 5 projects on the needles. Two of them are gigantic lace projects. Three are much smaller, fairly easy, projects. So here they are:

  • FINALLY finish my poor Granny Cheyne’s Shetland Shawl.
  • Learn how to knit Brioche (even if I only do it once)
  • Knit 2 sweaters
  • Learn how to do Entrelac
  • Weave a blanket (by sewing the strips I can make on my loom together)

I think that’s it!

Look for a post in the next few days to find out what my first socks of my 2015 personal sock club are!

Comments welcome! :)

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