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Injured Fingers

Having deep cuts on the pads of both my knitting fingers makes it quite difficult to type, let alone knit. And no, I’m not going to show you the injuries. I don’t need blood and gore on here along with destroyed yarn. One is quite enough, thank you.

The injury on my left hand happened when, in a fit of clumsiness, I stabbed myself with my (very!) sharp sock needle that I am knitting my January socks on. The injury on the other hand however was my own stupidity and if I had been wearing gloves (as one should when its 16°F), because due to the cold a piece of rubber on my car was rather hard and inflexible and I sliced my finger pretty good on it.

I will say though, that my trip into Cambridge went well and I’m hopeful that something good comes of it. I also got a call for a one week temp job for the coming week which would be really nice. But I definitely think I’d like the job I went in for today over the second one. But I’m not going to be too picky and I’ll take what I can get.

For now, I’m going to be knitting and spinning up a storm. I decided to sign up for the D-SPAKAL challenge hosted by the YarnGasm Podcast. The D-SPAKAL is a fiber to shawl spin/knit-a-long using only a drop spindle. I figure it’ll be an interesting challenge. Of course, having two injured fingers doesn’t help, but I’m working on it anyways, or as much as I can considering.

Status on the Yarn Harlot blog: I’ve made it to March of 2004. Which, since she started in January of 2004 is a fair amount  of progress for one day. I love reading her writing.

Since someone asked, I’m making a list of all the podcasts I listen to and I’ll put a list up (probably tomorrow) with all of the podcasts and all of the links to said podcasts. For now, stay warm! It’s been snowing here.


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