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Yeah, It’s a Podcast

It’s a podcast that’s still unnamed, but it’s a podcast.

Name suggestions would be lovely! I’m thinking “Serenova Crafts” but I’m not too sure. Let me know what you think! I will say I don’t want to use “My Knitting Life” because, well, I do more than knit!

List of podcasts. Knitting/crafting one’s first! (A good number of them can be found in iTunes)

If you’re looking for even MORE knitting related podcasts, this website HERE is a really good resource.

And now the non-crafting podcasts!

As I stated, the fiber I’m spinning is from Long Ridge Farm here in NH. I really like this fiber. it’s easy to draft and the staple is long and it smells just sheepy enough but not really too sheepy, y’now? It’s great.

My cross stitch patter was purchased from the Cross Stitch Cupboard in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It’s a nice little place, and if you cross stitch and are in the area you should totally check them out. And if you’re wondering how I, a resident of New Hampshire, was in Florida, I have family in that area, and I visit them on a regular basis (and by regular I mean at least once a year).

Here a link to A Hundred Ravens.

My sock project on Ravelry: Monarch Butterfly

My Hitchhiker shawl/

And lastly, my Granny Cheyne Shetland Shawl. The poor dear needs to be finished.

I’m hoping to get a couple more texts posts up this week.


PS: I originally recorded this last night but since I don’t really know what I’m doing with editing you’re getting it the next day instead. I was up until midnight processing the video (the editing didn’t take long but the saving did), and then it took forever to upload to Youtube, plus I had to activate my Youtube account so that I could post a video longer than half an hour! Fun!

4 thoughts on “Yeah, It’s a Podcast

  1. Ok, I guess I really like your podcasts, because I’ve watched it twice. It’s like having you over to knit with me. Thanks! Now I just need to get out the herbal tea and a treat to go with it. Would you like some? 🙂
    In a previous blog post of yours (“Planning Ahead”) you mentioned two more podcasts, Sew Knitpicky, and Hello Knitty, that aren’t mentioned above. Do you listen to/watch those regularly, too?

    1. I should drink tea while I record. 🙂 And I appreciate the offer but I’m not huge on herbals, I prefer greens or blacks.

      So in the “Planning Ahead” Post I actually named the blogs the podcasts are on, not the podcasts themselves. So, “Sew Knitpicky” = “Knot A Podcast”, and “Hello Knitty” = “Stitch Addiction” Sorry for the mistake! Thanks for catching that and making me realize that I had gotten the names confused.

      And thanks for watching!

      1. Ok, thanks! I’m learning about podcasts, and didn’t realize they are on blogs. Which, of course, they are, just like yours is. And they can have different names than the actual blogs. You learn something new every day. I would love to see your spinning in person, and know more about how you did it, how you learned it. I have a drop spindle, and have taken a class, also have a book about it, and just need to practice, and practice some more.

        1. Well, not all podcasts are hosted on blogs but a lot of them are, so it’s easy to get confused.

          I’d love to get together and do some spinning with you. I’m not going to be at the Tuesday group for another couple of weeks, but once things have settled I’d be happy to take you through it if you like. My spinning isn’t perfect but it’s certainly better than what it was originally. And you’re right! Practice, practice, practice! Be warned though, I spin left handed which is the equivalent of “backwards” for most people!

Comments welcome! :)

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