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Gray and Pink

Now, if you know me, pink is not a color I normally use. But there was some 100% silk at my LYS that was on sale and I’ve been having the urge to weave, so I actually bought pink yarn. I did get some gray to go with it.

I’ve been having the urge to weave. It’s similar to when I get the urge to crochet, or sew. I always want to knit, but I don’t always want to do some other craft. But the bug bit bad yesterday so today I was on a mission. To warp my loom.


So that right there? Yeah, that’s me forgetting which way to warp the loom. I got that far, realized my mistake and proceeded to unwarp my loom and do it the correct way.


I actually did the calculation right and I had about 2 inches of yarn left over from doing the warp! Yay! I hate yarn waste, it makes me sad. 😦


And there’s the start! The pink is a little purple-ish which is why I think I can actually stand it. I’m going for a really long narrow scarf with this. The silk makes it more luxury than anything but I’m allowed to make nice things, right?

Also, I finished the first Endpaper Mitt but I don’t have a picture right now because it’s nearly midnight and I don’t feel like digging it out and putting it on when really, all I want to do is go to bed right now.

We’re supposed to be getting a big storm here tomorrow (Satuday). Now “big” in New England is relative. They tend to blow storms way out of proportion. However, I’m supposed to go to the synagogue tomorrow – there’s a guest speaker and a bunch of other things going on (and I haven’t been in a while) – but with the storm I’m going to play the morning by ear. Being snowed in at the shul, with no knitting (It’s not allowed on Shabbat!) would drive me up the wall. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that!

Well, I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Let’s see if I can get the scarf done by Monday. 😉


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