On a Blizzard Eve

Unfortunately there aren’t going to be any pictures in this post. It’s not exactly late, but I’m actually wicked tired so I’m going to head to bed early.

Anyways, to business!

My Endpaper Mitts are coming along nicely. I’ve finished one (last Friday actually) and am well on my way to finishing the other. I knit different things over the weekend so I finished the ribbing and started the colorwork chart today.

I’ve also been weaving (as I mentioned in my last post). I’ve got about 16″ of scarf so far and it’s coming out lovely. The silk is wonderful to work with but I have to be careful as to how tight I tension the warp because the silk doesn’t quite have the give that wool has.

Lastly, I’m sure everyone in the US has heard about winter storm Juno. She’s already arrived where I am, but there hasn’t been much accumulation… YET. The prediction is for 1-2 feet of snow. Nearly everything has already preemptively closed for tomorrow, and I’m not planning on going outside unless it’s an emergency.

Granted, they’ve probably blown this way out of proportion (they tend to do that) but you never know and I’d rather play it safe than sorry.

I hope you have a good Monday night (wherever you are) and that if you’re in the storm range, stay safe and stay warm.


6 thoughts on “On a Blizzard Eve

  1. You must also be somewhere near New England ……… we do tend to call things wicked! Like tiredness and weather ……..

    1. Haha, you got it! I’m in southern New Hampshire, right on the Mass line. This morning there’s already quite a bit if snow. At least I’m nice and warm while I watch it come down!

      1. I’m in Bangor and it’s way nasty this morning. Thankfully I’m inside, I have masses of sock yarn and everything is fine!

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