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Minimal Progress

This was yet another weekend when I didn’t get much done. Partially due to snow, partially due to just being tired. I’ve definitely gotten away from keeping regular hours and I have to now that I’m working so I think at this point it might take me another week or two to not be exhausted at the end of a day or the weekend.

As the title suggests not much has happened since I posted my podcast, but I figured I’d give ya’ll an update anyways.

I’m about halfway done my Hitchiker Shawl. And I know that because I’m just about to finish the first ball of yarn and I have a second ball of yarn so I know I’m halfway.


The yarn is some A Hundred Ravens Iachos in the Starry Night color that I got back in October.

Next up is my Catkin Shawl. I’ve added a couple of the cream stripes but right now it’s just long stockinette rows.


There’s also the Neyera Cowl which I’ve given up on participating in the KAL for because with work there’s absolutely no way I can get this finished by the 15th.


And lastly we have my February Socks which sadly, aren’t going nearly as fast as I would like. Again with that work thing making it hard to knit all the time!


Well, I think that’s everything that’s in “active” rotation. I of course, have more than that on the needles, but those are the four that I’ve been working on the most and they’re the ones that have seen progress since my last update.

By the way, yes, in fact it IS snowing again here in New Hampshire. In face it’s supposed to snow all the way through tomorrow! And add another foot to our total. Yay… If there was a way to represent really dry sarcasm in text you’d be seeing it here.

While it’s nice that I don’t need to worry about the commute, and I can work whether it’s snowing or not, I do worry about Kevin out on the roads. Especially this morning when the parking lot wasn’t even plowed when he left. I know he’s a good driver and he’s got a sturdy car but things can happen.

So, here’s to hoping that it isn’t snowing where you are! As we’re in week three of storms here in New England. Hope you’re staying warm!


3 thoughts on “Minimal Progress

    1. No I didn’t. I’ve done tabs like that before and a provisional cast on is no easier or harder than just picking up the five stitches on the end so I didn’t bother with it.

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