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Negative Degrees

While it may technically be above zero here in southern New Hampshire, the wind chill has us sitting at a pretty -4°F (-18°C). Damn cold in my book.

Knitting is coming along, but I can’t show you what I’ve been working on the most because it’s that test knit! I’m almost at the heel and I want to get that one sock done soon. Then I can finish my February socks (which are sitting at half a sock). And all before the end of the month. Wish me luck!

I did go outside today, but it was at Noon, and for the sole reason of cleaning off my car and moving it to a clean parking space. My fingers were so numb by the time I got back inside (even with wearing insulated gloves) that I went and took a hot shower just to warm all the parts of me back up again. It’s the wind that makes it so cold. Without the wind it’s not so bad, but the wind is biting.

Not much knitting has been going on through I did read 2 books over the weekend. Unfortunately, I still haven’t managed knitting and reading at the same time (one of these days!).

My big goal for this week? Get my quilt blocks done so that I can go pick up the next block at my LYS on Saturday! Wish me luck! I only hope I’m not sewing them at midnight on Friday. My current plan is to do them tomorrow night, but we’ll see!

Stay warm out there!


3 thoughts on “Negative Degrees

  1. Is your LYS in Nashua? If so, I was in there once about two years ago – I was quite impressed with the gorgeous fabric, and all the nice yarn. Lucky you!

    It is the wind, isn’t it? We have barely gone outside in days, but tomorrow work rejoins our life and we will have to get those cars out and running again. Luckily, the last storm sort of split, and we were in the section of Maine that didn’t get much snow. To the east and west of us, there was plenty, but only a couple of inches here. So, not so much digging. Just getting cold cars started.

    1. Yup! It’s the LYS in Nashua. I got to knit/project night every Friday.

      We got just shy of a foot here so it was cleaning the car off AND getting it to start in the cold. The ol’ girl wasn’t happy about that. But I got most of the ice off of her and into a clean space.

      The wind today was horrible. I had layers and layers on (both hand knits and not) and I was still absolutely frozen when I got back inside. I’m so glad I wasn’t out there for longer or I’d have been in trouble.

      1. I am glad, too! People don’t always take wind chill seriously, but it is, as you discovered.

        I was at a conference in Nashua and went in search of the LYS, to see what was there. Pretty funny that when I walked in, wearing a skirt I had made, a woman was working on a quilt using the same fabric! I got some nice Cascade silk heritage there, and made a small shawl with it. The store seemed like it was really made for lots of interaction, which is nice.

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