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FO: Norberta Socks

Okay, so the colorway is “Norbert” not “Norberta” but c’mon, the dragon ends up being a girl (once Charlie Weasley gets a look at her and can tell the difference of course).

Anyways! These are my standard vanilla sock recipe, toe up with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel (seriously the best $1US I ever spent on a knitting pattern).

Yarn: A Hundred Ravens Iachos in the “Norbert” colorway.


These took me a lot longer than January’s pair because I’ve been working! Yay, paycheck! But seriously, a LOT less knitting time. I’m not complaining though, and I still think I can totally meet my goal of a pair a month, so that’s good, it’s just interesting to see how things change

But I’m sure you want to hear about the socks, right? Right. So these were fun. The color didn’t really pool, though it looks like it’s striping in the photograph. It’s a pretty variegated yarn. Not exactly self striping because they’re super short sections of color, but they didn’t really pool either. Overall they’re quite nice. These aren’t going to be “wear out places” socks. There’s no nylon in the yarn (100% Superwash Merino), but socks that instead I wear around the apartment. They’ll certainly be warm though!

I haven’t pulled my March yarn yet. That’s going to be on Sunday, but it should be another good one!

As for a quick update on other knitting… I finished the first part of my Catkin! So that’s moving along. I’m hoping that the rest will go as smoothly as the first part!


It looks a little scrunched right now and it’s only going to get worse and the stitch count is getting rather large and those are 40″ needles! We’ll have to see how it goes.

Have a good weekend everyone! There’s a little bit of snow expected where I am, so stay warm out there!


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