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Making A List

After finishing the test knit I was doing for Lisa over at Fibernymph Dye Works, I realized I’d let my number of projects grow again.

Nine total WIPs which means that, though I have plans for projects and I’m itching to cast them on, I’m going to be good and wait  until I finish TWO projects before adding another one. I figure if I get rid of two before starting one, I’ll have a net decrease in the number of WIPs.

The problem is, not all of the projects are portable. I can technically take my loom places, it is small enough to carry around but it’s awkward so I think I’m regulating my Merlot Hounds-tooth to the couch. That and my Giant Granny Square blanket. Both of those I’m going to keep either near the couch or on the couch and work on them there. Their both fairly simple and, really, the weaving should have been done by now because that goes really quickly, but well, things just keep happening.

While I’m really happy to be working 40 hours a week, my crafting has really suffered. I know, I shouldn’t complain, and I’m not, not really, but 4 months ago when I wasn’t working, I could whip through things like no ones business, and now I realized I have to think through what I’m doing and where and ration my crafting time.

I do have two portable projects. My March Socks and my Hitchhiker. And by portable I mean “fits in my purse”, not “it can’t leave the house”. The Hitchhiker is getting a little large but as it still fits in my purse and I don’t need the pattern as I’ve memorized it at this point, so I consider it portable.

Now, there are other projects I have, that while I can take them with me, require me to have the pattern in front of me while I work. Those are regulated to home and knitting groups. No standing in line somewhere with these. I have four projects that fall into that category. They are:

  • Granny Cheyne Shawl aka “the shawl of doom” which, really, at this point, I should just bite the bullet and finish the poor thing.
  • Evenstar Shawl which, while it has not yet reached “shawl of doom” status, I should work on it as well. The only problem is I can really only handle one massive shawl project at a time.
  • Catkin which is actually coming along I just need to actually work on it.
  • Neyera Cowl which is no longer a KAL and I should just finish the poor thing. I’ve only done like 2 of the 17 repeats the pattern calls for. And the friend I know who was knitting one finished her’s already (as far as I know).
  • Ginny Cardigan V2 I’ve only got an inch of the initial ribbing and I really want this sweater but just… oy veh, I need to knit more.

Read less, knit more, that should be my motto. I do need to figure out how to read and knit at least stockinette or something at the same time. I miss reading. I really enjoy reading. I need to read more. But I also need to read more. Hopefully you can understand my conundrum here.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I still have to do my quilt blocks as well! Those need to be done for next Saturday (week from tomorrow) so that I can go pick up the next block. Gotta get working on that!

Now to just figure out when to do everything!


Comments welcome! :)

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