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Dark and Gray – Also known as Spring (plus some bonus good news)

Spring here in New England has sprung. But not in the “flowers blooming in the sunshine” kind of way. It’s been dark and gray and for the last 24 hours or so, it’s been raining.


For about an hour yesterday I got to sit outside in the sun while I worked but things rapidly changed and I had to scuttle inside real quick when I felt a few raindrops. But for about one glorious hour I got to bask in the sun. Sometimes working from home has it’s perks.

However, in response to the fact that it’s been grey out for ages, I’ve been working on the brightest project I have on the needles.


Myย Hitchhiker. See that little ball of yarn? That’s all that’s left. I’m thinking 2 or 3 points at most. Also, the working edge? It’s almost 40″ (I know this cause I’m using a 40″ needle and it almost fills it from tip to tip spread out). Of course, me and my big mouth, I’ll probably be wrong about how many points are left, we’ll just have to see! As of writing I’m at 51 complete points, I’ll give you a final count when it’s finished (probably sometime this weekend, hopefully).

I’ve also dressed in some fairly bright clothes to combat the fact that it’s gloomy out. We each have our coping mechanisms. ๐Ÿ™‚

On a completely separate note, I just hear back from someone who is selling their spinning wheel. They are quite happy to sell it to me. Since the seller and I are only about a 2 hour drive apart we’re going to meet somewhere in the middle rather than shipping it.

All this meansย I’LL HAVE A SPINNING WHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Can you tell I’m excited?)

So I bet you want to know what kind of wheel it is huh? Well, it’s an Ashford Joy Double Treadle and the best part is, it’s portable! Which is great since I live in an apartment and I don’t want to take up too much space

Granted, I’m not picking it up for a couple of weeks due to being busy this weekend and next weekend being Easter, but soon! April 12!


PS: Yes I know I said in the podcast I’d put up a page of blogs/podcasts I follow. I’m working on it. They’ll go live sometime this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Dark and Gray – Also known as Spring (plus some bonus good news)

  1. glad you found a wheel and are enjoying your hitchhiker. Pretty colors! Yes, I too noticed the gray spring. I hope when all the snow melts we do get flowers before it gets too hot and we have summer!

    1. I did! I’m picking it up from the seller April 12, as that’s the first weekend we both have free. She lives close enough to me we can meet to exchange the wheel so I get to save the shipping money and the risk of the wheel being manhandled in transport.

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