Belated Happy Birthday

My mom’s birthday was yesterday. I’m not going to tell you her age (because that’s just rude).

But I did want to say a few things about her.

She’s the one that always encouraged me to think for myself and form my own opinions (much to my teachers dismay).

She stayed by me and supported  me when college turned out to be longer and harder than either of us thought.

She’s taken in my friends and given them a place to live. Even when their own families haven’t sometimes.

She’s been a one woman power house for as long as I can remember because it’s been just the two of us for just as long.

She was troop leader, cookie mom, synagogue preschool board member, red hat, crafter, musician, scientist, and many more things that I could say about her.

Here’s to you mom. I love you! And hopefully you’ll get some real birthday cake once Passover is done.


One thought on “Belated Happy Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom, Jessica! What a nice tribute to her! She and my youngest daughter, Julia, share a birthday. We’ll be having cake later this month for Julia (because she’s in Utah now), but for both of them, this can be an entire birth month celebration :). Happy Passover to you and your Mom.

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