Serenova Crafts Podcast Episode 14: Everything is Blurry

Bad camera work is the hallmark of today’s episode. I just could not get the thing to focus. Good thing by that time I wasn’t really showing anything anymore! Just talking.

One thing I forgot to mention (and I can’t believe I forgot this) is that I get my spinning wheel on Sunday! I’m super psyched about it.

So, things I talked about in this episode.

I got a project back from Sewn by Lindsay.

The black hole of a linen stitch scarf. The pattern is Two-Tone Twill Scarf by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.

My April socks.

I got some lovely malabrigo roving. The color is 866 Arco Iris.

And the starteritis. That would be my Benton Cardigan, Bee Strip Pi Shawl, and my third Hitchhiker.

I hope everyone’s having a good week! I’ll tell you all about the spinning wheel in the next episode! Because I’ll have it again! There should also be some quilting too as the block is due next weekend.


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