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Sweater Repair

I’m sure long time readers remember my original Ginny Cardigan. If you don’t I’ll wait while you go look at the pictures of me standing in my mom’s downstairs bathroom wearing said cardigan.

Are you back now? Good. I’m sure more recently you remember that I cast on a second one. Well, what happened to the first one?

Back in January I had to stop wearing my original sweater. One of the cuffs had given way and a dropped stitch in the ribbing was the result.

So this morning I finally got off my butt, picked up the sweater from where I’d tossed it in our second bedroom and dug the leftover yarn out of stash. Time for repairs.

After fixing the laddered cuff, I realized that both cuffs were ready to go in more than one place.


See that? Yeah, that’s a frayed edge right there. Apparently the stretchy cast on I used to give the cuffs the, well, stretch, they needed turned out to not be sturdy enough to take a year of at least weekly wear. It doesn’t help that I’m constantly rubbing my wrists on things. They keyboard when I type, along the couch when I reach for something, the list goes on of what your wrist and the heel of your palm touches every day.

So I took that leftover yarn, cut a long piece and whip stitched completely around both cuffs to give them some extra support (before another stitch gave) and wove in the ends. A perfectly ready to wear cardigan is a result.

Now if I’d only gotten off my butt and done that two months ago.


PS: I’m getting my wheel on Sunday! I’m getting excited! Gotta finish up Passover first though. Yizkor (memorial service) is in the morning and then at sunset tomorrow, it’s all done. I think I’m gonna have a nice big bowl of real pasta.


Comments welcome! :)

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