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Change of Plans


No spinning wheel for me.

The woman contacted me Saturday night and decided that the universe was telling her not to get rid of the spinning wheel so she was going to keep it. I wasn’t really mad, but just sad because I got so excited about it.

So what did I do instead? Well, after my mom and I went to a presentation at the synagogue on Saudnay morning about Jewish religious objects (it really was very interesting), we took a drive out to Derry NH and the shop out there that sells spinning wheels. I’d planned to get a wheel then but when I spoke to the woman there, I decided to, instead, take one of their spinning classes so that I can try the different wheels they have and see which one I like best andΒ then get one. So I may just have a wheel on Friday. We’ll see!

No pictures today because, well, nothing looks all that much different from what I showed in the podcast, but you can always check out my Rav projects page if you wanna see some pictures.

I’ve also spend some time over the last few days to try my hand at designing. I want to make a stole, and I have some lace patterns I’ve been fiddling with, the problem is I want to do a knitted on border rather than a border you do after so I’m trying to adjust an edging I like. We’ll see how it goes!

I hope everyone’s been enjoying the warm weather. I have a couple of windows and the slider open, but the only problem with that is that now I hear all the highway noise. I’ll take an increase in background volume for some fresh air. I think it’s a decent trade off considering our balcony is like 100 feet from the highway on ramp.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have a good week!


4 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. Aw, that’s a bummer that she decided to keep it. One of the dangers of being able to hold onto something extra time rather than getting it gone right away. I hope you’ll share on the blog all the wheels you try out!

        1. Haha, I know how that feels! I loose most of my crafting time to a 40-hour/week job, and then running errands steals even more time! At least I have a boyfriend who will stop for groceries on his way home so I’m not always doing that. πŸ˜‰

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