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The Benton Cardigan is actually moving along quite quickly. It helps that it’s just about the only thing I’m knitting while I’m at home. My poor April socks are going to be down to the wire at this rate.


But the sleeves are done! You actually knit the sleeves first on this pattern, so there’s a good chunk of boring stockinette out of the way.


The body is a little more complicated (and not just because it’s about three times the stitches as the sleeves. But most of it is stockinette so it’s moving along fairly smoothly as well. I only really need to pay attention on the fronts of the cardigan and in a few rows I’ll hit the waist shaping, but I think it’s going along smoothly. It’s amazing how quickly a sweater grows when it’s knit out of worsted!

I am alternating hanks as the malabrigo is so different from hank to hank that if I didn’t I’d most certainly have splotches everywhere! As it stands, even though the two balls I’m working with right now look different, you can’t really tell on the actual sweater. I was worried about that! Phew!

Keep an eye out for the podcast tomorrow afternoon! I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday. It’s dreary and rainy and I hope it clears up, it’s been raining since yesterday. All this gloomy weather makes me want to curl up with a blanket and just watch movies all day. But alas, I have work.

Happy Tuesday!


Comments welcome! :)

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