Serenova Crafts Episode 18: Shawl of DOOM!

Well, this certainly took a long time to upload today. I wonder what’s going on with the internet.

For a fairly short episode, I got quite a few show notes for you so here we go!

I’M GOING TO BE AT NH SHEEP AND WOOL ON SATURDAY MAY 9! If you’re curious about the festival you can check it out here. If you’re going to be there, feel free to come up and say hi! I promise I don’t bite. 😀

Second we have the shawl KAL. You can find the Stitch Addiction podcast group here. The shawl KAL thread is here.

The project I’m entering is my Granny Cheyne’s Shetland Shawl. Here’s the project page, and the pattern page. The book that it’s from is actually an interesting read.

My April Socks are done!

My May Socks are on the needles.

The Bad Egg yarn is from the Lamby Toes shop on Etsy. The shop’s on vacation right now but that’s because she went to Maryland Sheep and Wool.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


Comments welcome! :)

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