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Serenova Crafts Episode 22: It’s SUPPOSED to be about knitting…

This episode brought to you by a rather long ramble about a trip I took back in 2005.

I answered some of the questions from marchskies aka Katie, and I’m going to talk about my second trip to Israel (that’s what she asked about!) next week. I’d already prattled on long enough about my first trip, no need to triple the episode length by talking about the second one!

Now for show notes.

New (to me) Podcasts:

The group of people from Safed that I couldn’t remember what they’re called? They’reย Druzeย and are quite an interesting group of people.

Projects (that I’ve actually worked on in the last week…):

Facebook Sock Yarn Scraps/Mini Swapping

Sock it to Summer 2015 can be found in the Knot A Podcast Ravelry group. Remember, you need to be a member to participate in Sock it to Summer!

PS: If any of you want to listen to a song that was on the top of the charts in Israel when I visited in 2005 you can check out the video below.

Comments welcome! :)

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