Today, well, today is almost over but anyways, today has been my maternal grandmother’s 94th birthday.

Here is the most recent picture I have of her. It is not the greatest but I did not think to take one tonight when I saw her.


Yup, that’s right, she was born in 1921 (she’s actually older than Betty White – born 1922) which literally makes her older than sliced bread!

But seriously, my grandmother has always been a tough, dependable, and yet loving woman who never let her lot in life hold her back. Graduating from high school during the Great Depression, she then served as a military secretary in WWII. After the war she met my grandfather and they had three children (one of whom is my mother).

Grandma is… how I do put this…

Grandma means so much to me that it’s hard to explain how much she means to me. So much of my childhood centers around being at her and Poppa’s house when I was little. As the only grandaughter (and the youngest grandchild) I got a decent portion of their time when i was young. From working in the garden with her to helping my grandfather out with the cars

Grandma is the one who started me off knitting actually. I think if you goย way back to the beginning of this blog you’ll see my post about how she gave me all her knitting needles.

One of these days (sometime very soon I might add) I’m going to sit down and get her to tell me everything she can about her life and the family and then I’m going to write a book about her. She may not look it but my grandmother has lead aย very interesting life (or at least portions of it were).

Tonight though, tonight was about seeing her and spending time with her. I went up to see her for dinner (the reason I’m writing this so late) and was there about three hours. I love spending time with grandma. I know she’s never going to read this blog post – she doesn’t know how to find it, let alone how to even turn on a computer, but I wanted to acknowledge her and her life and the fact that she is anย incredible woman who had a huge part in shaping who I am today.

Thank you Grandma, for everything. I’ll see you in a couple of days at your birthday party with most of the family.

Here’s to many more!


2 thoughts on “94

  1. Jess, you need to read this post to her. What a wonderful tribute! And soon, very soon, ask her questions about her life. My sister signed my parents up for StoryWorth, and they have questions every week to answer. I’m learning all kinds of things about them! But questions will get her to thinking, then all you have to do is listen (and maybe record) while she talks! Happy Birthday to your Grandma!

    1. So I totally just went and signed up for a trial of StoryWorth. I’d never heard of them before! I think it’s a brilliant idea. I actually have an audio recorder from when I at school so I’ll just put some fresh batteries in it and record that way.

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