Personal Sock Club 2015 · Podcast · Sock it to Summer 2015

Serenova Crafts Podcast Episode 23: Socks

Welcome to this weeks episode! Where there’s very little knitting and rather a lot of blathering on about other things.

I did try something different with the video today so if there’s a drastic dip in quality or any issues tell me. The audio should be fine, I just compressed (or attempted to anyways) the video differently so it would upload faster.

Short show notes again this week and only a few projects, though one of them is a FO.

FO: Tinas September Socks. She’s a yarn dyer from New Mexico and her blog can be found here and her shop here (though her shop is on vacation at the moment).

June Socks

Twill Sock Club Socks

That’s about it for this week! Like I said, short show notes. And there is a rather large amount of blather about Israel but I put it at the end so if you’re not interested in listening you can just stop when I start going on about that.


Comments welcome! :)

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