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Markers Might Help

Yesterday in my podcast I complained about how I was having trouble counting to 2 or 5 or 3 in my Catkin shawl.

Now, normally I use stitch markers very sparingly. Even my Shawl of Doom with it’s super complicated chart, only has 4 stitch markers in it which denote where each border begins/ends. I find they get in my way. But with Catkin? After trying a few more rows without them yesterday, I caved and put stitch marks in between every repeat, every change, anywhere where the pattern said to put them basically (I’d been my usual self and ignoring the “pm” directions).


You can see the markers there. I’m sad to admit that they do help. Though I don’t like the ones I have (I inherited them) so I may go and get some different ones that don’t pop out as easily and aren’t as wide. Most of those are actually split rings so they’re a little thick in places. Hopefully, now that I seem to be able to count, I can get this shawl done soon. It’s been on the needles long enough (yes I’m well aware my Shawl of Doom has been on the needles for 2 1/2 years), and I want to get it done.

The yarn, which is Ella Rae Lace Merino is working out nicely and I’m glad I did the lighter color as the middle section because you’d probably loose the patterning in the darker color. I’m happy that the green and cream are working so well together. Considering I bought them over a year apart, I’m happy with that.

I turned the heel on my June Socks last night while watching The Theory of Everything (that movie about Stephen Hawking). Enjoyed the movie but I did cry a few times during the movie though. Hopefully I can finish those up before the end of the weekend (and then I can work on other things until the end of the month!).


That was them last night right after the movie finished. The stripes are going to mach almost exactly but the heels are different color combos. I’m cool with that.

Lastly, on a completely unrelated to knitting note, I saw a heron earlier this week and managed to snap a few pictures from my car. I spotted it by one of the little streams that runs through my apartment complex.



Not the best shots, but hey, all I had was my phone and getting out of the car would have scared it away very quickly.

PS: Yes I need to work on my quilt blocks. Their due Saturday (as in 2 days). I’m hoping to work it tonight.


2 thoughts on “Markers Might Help

  1. The pic of the socks lying on your jeans? It took me several times to realize that those were socks. I kept thinking “what cool knee patches! I should knit me some knee patches!”

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