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FO: June Socks

They’re done! And there’s over a week left in the month. I’m rather taken with how the sock club is working out for me this year. I’m not sure I’ll do it next year. Maybe an every other year thing? We’ll see how I feel in December (and what’s going on with my stash).

But you probably want to see the finished socks right? Well there they are!


Unfortunately, I lost the near perfect striping on the cuff of the second sock. Late last night as I began the cuff I came to a huge knot in the skein that I’d missed when I wound the ball. I blame watching TV while ball winding for that one. Anyways, I had to cut about a yard out and then overlap the sections to continue on. However that meant that I lost the second stripe of white that was to have followed so the colors ended up not matching on the ribbing though before that they’re nearly row perfect.The white at the top was some random leftovers I pulled from stash that I don’t remember what it is so that I could have cuffs the same length.

Oh well, my dream of perfectly matching stripped socks continues. I do have a couple of pairs I’ve come very close on, but these were set to be perfect and then that knot. Oh well! No one will know they don’t match (unless they read this off course) because the cuff will be hidden under my pants anyways so whatever.

You wanna see what the insides look like? Lots of ends! Granted not as many as a lot of projects, but for socks, it’s a lot.


PS: I’ve decided to go back to my ChiaoGoo needles for July. I’m tired of stabbing myself under my left index fingernail. Yes I’m a thrower and yes I do push the needle with my left index finger, why do you ask?

PPS: I’ve done the cutting for my quilt block, now I just need to do the sewing before 4pm tomorrow.


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