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Finished but not Blocked: Catkin

It’s done! I bound off this morning. I’d tried to finish it last night but it didn’t really work out. It just go too late for me to bind off. And the bind off took a while.


There it is, unblocked. I’ll block it either when I get home from knit night tonight or over the weekend.

The yarn used was Ella Rae Lace Merino in 35 – Emerald and 19 – Cream. I’m really happy with how it came out even if I’m going to have to block it to really see the design at the bottom edge of the shawl.

What matters is, it’s done! And I can still enter it in a KAL contest on Ravelry and it’s another project out of the queue.

In other news, I’ve gotten super behind on podcast watching this week so hopefully I can catch up over the weekend!


5 thoughts on “Finished but not Blocked: Catkin

  1. That is very impressive!!! I still struggle with a shawl (my first actually…after being a knitter for 30+ years!) where I think I chose the wrong yarn 😦 But yours inspired me to maybe restart the project!

    1. I’m glad I could be an inspiration!

      Sometimes the combination of yarn and pattern doesn’t work out and you have to change the pattern or change the yarn if you want to make that pattern. I’ve had to do that plenty of times when things aren’t working out.

      I just frogged the start of a shawl last week that the yarn wasn’t working for. I love the pattern and I still want to make it but the yarn wasn’t working. 🙂

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