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A Long Day

Today didn’t go anything like I had planned. First of all, I didn’t expect to wake up in pain. Secondly, I didn’t expect to spend the whole day sitting in the Radiology waiting room of the hospital.

However, because today didn’t go as planned, I now had to take two different antibiotics for 10 days (with no alcohol). I also have to watch what I eat from now on.

So here’s my day in pictures (all 3 of them).


First off, this is what my July socks looked like when u got to the hospital (give or take a few rows (this picture taken last night).


I had my knitting with me, which was a very good thing or I may have strangled something, so I worked mostly on my July socks. I then finished the first sock and attempted to start the second. Casting on was interrupted by my have to drink two full cups of this stuff:


Which was supposed to taste like vanilla and totally didn’t in any way shape or form.

So I finally (hours after I got there) have the CT scan done, they read the results, I talk to the doc and get my marching orders.

Now I’m on the 2 different antibiotics and I’ve got to take it easy for a while.


At least I got plenty of sock knitting done!


10 thoughts on “A Long Day

    1. I’m going to have to watch out for small things like seeds in food, and I’m on a restricted diet for a couple of weeks while we get my system straightened out. I didn’t eat much stuff with tiny seeds in it before, so I’m not too worried about having to change much of my diet permenantly.

    1. I’m doing better now! And I have to watch what I eat because (and this is gonna sound a little gross) my intestines have developed pockets in them that aren’t supposed to be there and things like small seeds that don’t get broken down by stomach acid can get stuck in them and cause irritation. Which is exactly what happened. So I have to be careful with indigestible seeds and nuts in food because it can be a serious problem.

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