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Serenova Crafts Episode 33: Summer’s End

So many projects, so little time! I’m going to have to sit down and go through everything and prioritize soon. Otherwise things might never get done! Maybe I’ll do a text post about that. 🙂 We’ll see!

Anyways, on to the show notes! I started a MKAL and I raise some questions about hosting a VKN. Please go over to the thread in the Ravelry group if you want to chat about the possibility of a VKN. It’s easier for me if it’s all in one place.

No FOs for you folks this week.

First Point of Libra / Summer’s End MKAL by Laura Aylor
August Socks
Heart to Heart Scarf
Fingerless mitts (no project page yet, sorry!)
Ginny Cardigan V2
Baby Blanket

Bag that the MKAL is in is from Sewn by Lindsay on Etsy.

Birch Box is now a thing.

I pulled my September yarn for my personal sock club.

So let me know what you think about the possibility of a VKN!


Comments welcome! :)

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