Serenova Crafts Episode 41: 2 out of 3 knitters agree…

Today’s episode is all about Rhinebeck. I did keep count as to how many times I mentioned podcasters and bloggers. Made it to 21! I do ramble on a little bit about as acting punch drunk in the car and I have a hard time describing what the day was like, but I show off my goodies and talk about those I met. MANY people will be linked in today’s notes, but there’s not much I can do about that! So with that, onto the info.

Goodies from:
The Yarnit
Springtide Farm
The Knitting Garage
Bijou Basin Ranch
NY Sheep and Wool Festival souvenir booth

Podcaster Meet Up:
Kate from Stitch Addiction
Kristen from the YarnGasm Podcast
Sue, Lynne, and Selma from Two Tangled Skeins
Sara from The Canadian Knitter
Jeanette from the BookishStitcher
Andrea from The CATT Lady
Jen from The Uncreative Crafter
I’m sure I’ve missed someone but I can’t think of anyone right now!

The podcaster group photo is, from left to right – Sue, Sara, Jeanette, Andrea, Jen, and me!

I do have a few projects this week.

Handbrake Cowl 

Handbrake Cowl
Test Sweater
Sockhead hat

I think that’s everything! If you have any questions feel free to ask! I’m always happy to chat. 😀

Comments welcome! :)

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