Name Change and Other Things

I figured I’d bring the name of the blog in line with the name of my podcast. Granted, the actual address you type in to get here hasn’t change, THAT is still the same, but the name it says at the top of the page is now “Serenova Crafts” instead of “My Knitting Life”.

The “Other Things” has to do with my crafting. I was originally going to tile this post “Back from the Abyss” before I decided to change my website name, so I’ll just got prattle on about what I was originally going to write about now. πŸ˜›

So, my cousin and his wife had their third child at the beginning of September. It’s now almost November and I haven’t yet given them the blanket I was working on for their daughter.


Well, it was in the naughty corner. It was coming out way way too wide so I ripped it out, started over, got mad at it for not being right the first time around and promptly shoved it under a table for a few weeks. Now that the baby is here I really need to get a move on on finishing it. At least it’s crochet and it’s moving along quickly now that I actually started working on it!


And there it is! It’s skinny now but growing fast. Should be able to whip this out quickly enough I can get it done for when my mom and I go out to their house the first weekend of November!


Comments welcome! :)

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