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FO: Handbrake Cowl #2!

I managed to finish this cowl on Wednesday evening after I recorded my podcast. I was very close to being done and after half a pattern repeat more, it was time to knit the border and bind off.

And of course, I ran out of yarn JUST as I went to do the bind off.


I’m not kidding you. See how much yarn is there? Yeah, that’s not nearly enough for the entire bind off of 150+ stitches. So I pulled from another smaller ball I had of this same yarn and did the bind off. It gave me a few extra ends to weave in but it works so I’m not complaining!

This cowl was knit out of the leftovers from my Benton Cardigan. The yarn is Malabrigo Yarn Rios in Arco Iris. It’s really amazing how much variation there is in the skeins of this yarn. And all the ones I had were technically the same dye lot!

I used the equivalent of 1 skein for this cowl even though I made it slightly bigger than the small size in the pattern.


My project page can be found here. The pattern is Handbrake by Kay F Jones. It’s available for £1.00 GBP (or about $1.57 US right now). I can’t wrap this one around my neck twice but it’s a good layering piece at least. And it matches my Benton which is what matters.

I only get one entry into the KAL that this was for, but hey, what can you do. At least I have another layer for this coming winter!

Happy Halloween!


One thought on “FO: Handbrake Cowl #2!

  1. I like this one very much. I’ve bought the pattern, and now just need to cast on (along with about five other things that need to be started TODAY!!!). The colors you chose are really lovely, and what a nice addition to your Benton Cardigan, when the weather is a bit colder!

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