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FO: Wavy Chevron Baby Blanket


It’s done! This is a crochet blanket that I designed myself. The pattern is available for free here.

The yarn is older than I am, so I can’t really link it anywhere. The color is called Rust Red. The mother of the baby this is for specifically asked for a foxy orange so since I had this in stash it became the blanket! This yarn is actually out of my grandmother’s stash. I’ve inherited a lot of her yarn actually and I have more large quantities of worsted weight from her that I can use for things.

There isn’t much else to say about this! But feel free to enjoy the pattern. It’s more of a recipe than anything.


2 thoughts on “FO: Wavy Chevron Baby Blanket

  1. Beautiful! I’ll bet you’re glad to have it finished, too. This seems like a really good pattern for a baby blanket. I have yarn that would work well with it. Maybe I could work on it now, with no specific baby in mind, but to just enjoy the pattern, then have blankets on hand.

    1. Definitely glad I’ve finished it! It’s been an active project for months and I should have finished it ages ago. I’m glad it’s done now. It just needs a wash and it’ll be all set! It would also make a good lap blanket if you wanted one for yourself. It’s easy enough to add pattern repeats. 😊

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