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Serenova Crafts Episode 44: Hello From Florida!

Hi everyone! You’re getting a sniffly, stuffed up, cutting out the blowing of the nose podcast today, but you are getting one! Thanks to everyone who liked, subscribed, and joined the Rav group!

Today’s episode was recorded in my aunt’s guest bedroom in Florida. Specifically Davie which is just outside of Fort Lauderdale. It’s not much of a vacation though as I have to work while I’m down here! Oh well, at least I get to be warm for 10 days! Especially because it’s cold and rainy at home and warm and sunny where I am!

Anyway, onto the links!

The Impossible Girl Socks
Gradient Sweater Test Knit

No FOs this week.

Knitting Spring
Purls of Color

Goodies are from:
Bag from Stitched By Jessalu
Yarn from June Pryce Fiber Arts
Yarn from Jan Marek Raczkowski Studio
Fiber from Fibernymph Dye Works
Yarn from Night Owl Fibers

Fiber Festival of New England / New England Fiber Festival / NEFF can be found HERE. Dates for next year aren’t up yet, but it’s the first weekend of November. 🙂

If I’ve forgotten anything feel free to ask me for the link! I’m happy to provide it!


Comments welcome! :)

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