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Serenova Crafts Episode 91: NY Sheep & Wool aka Rhinebeck 2016

Lets see if I can remember everything! This is a LONG episode!

Hiker Hat

Pidgeon Toes Socks

Podcasters/Bloggers I saw:
Lynne of Two Tangled Skeins
Selma of Two Tangled Skeins and the bag maker behind Little Creek Designs
Jen of The Uncreative Crafter
Andrea of The CATT Lady Podcast
Lisa of 90% Knitting and the dyer for Fibernymph Dye Works
Claire of NH Knits
Jen of The Down Cellar Studio Podcast
Shameka who is the creator behind MekaMika
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee who needs no introduction and is probably so ear-burned that she doesn’t need another one.

If I missed anyone let me know!

There’s so much stash I’m not going to bother linking everything again, but I did link everything over in this forum post so go see what I got there!


Comments welcome! :)

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